Simply to instead of to simply reach our fitness goals.

Whatever our dreams or aspirations may be, we all have one commonality and that is to fulfill them.

Staying healthy and active, not only in our youth but in our mature years as well is essential in enabling us to lead quality lives and to be actively involved with loved ones, family members and friends.

Having good health and non physical limitations is pertinent in living life to the fullest. Therefore, having a balanced diet, sufficient amount of sleep, active lifestyle, dietary supplements and holistic therapies are some ways of living a holistic life.

ACTAEV has taken proactive initiatives to promote active living and ageing as we strongly believes that good health adds years to ones life.


to take control of the factors influencing positive and healthy lifestyle.


being in a state of agelessness (timelessness).
ACTAEV strongly supports the importance of having a balanced diet complemented with essential dietary supplements, as we progress from our mature years onward. ACTAEV has perfectly proportioned essential components Aminoactive8 to help us remain fit and healthy throughout our mature years.